Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Second Reading of J'ai Nom Jeanne la Pucelle

Jeanne d'Arc

The picture is from a recent trip to Paris, where I was delighted to discover the statue of Jeanne (it does bear a striking resemblance to the one Jeff discovered).

My reading continues. I’ve come to the part where Jeanne was captured and sold to the English. What I find most hard to believe is Charles VII’s behavior; there are no records of any attempts to ransom Jeanne’s life or to help her escape prison and judgment. After she helped Charles VII attain the throne, how did he justify complete passivity in the face of her capture, trial, and execution? Was it laziness? Cowardice? Malice? I find his behavior completely unconscionable.

Here are some notes from my reading in J’ai nom Jeanne la Pucelle to follow the last entry:

~31 July: Christine de Pisan composes a poem
~November -- Jeanne learns how to read and perhaps to write, and at the very least how to sign her own name
~King Charles VII ennobles Jeanne
~Jeanne performs the miracle of temporarily raising a child to life

~Jeanne captured, held prisoner by the Duc de Bougogne
~25 May -- The capture of Jeanne cried in the city of Paris
~26 May -- transferred to Chateau de Beaulieu-les-Fontaines
~June -- transferred to Beaurevoir. Here Jeanne tried to escape by the bedsheets out the window trick, but she fell
~November -- Sold to the English and transferred to various locations, finally to Rouen

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